Update your data in one place

We update your records with all Health Plans.

Why providers prefer PRIME?

Direct Outreach

Direct outreach to your offices and health system administrators via email, letter, fax and phone, and provider convenient validation channels that align to your capabilities and needs.

We follow-up

Our team tracks which Provider records need to be updated and coordinates directly with your administrators.

Update via Phone

If you don’t have the time to complete online, give us a call at +1 856 886 8088. Our agents will update your data for you.

Ease of Use

Our platform provides various convenient methods for you to update your data efficiently.


Our technology can connect to your EHR, and retrieve your Provider data directly. We can also process your Provider data via Roster submissions.

Keep All Health Plans Updated

We can advise you of the differences between your Provider data and Health Plans’ Provider Data. We can coordinate on your behalf to Health Plans across the country, saving you the time and hassle of answering multiple calls.


PRIME integrates with top Provider Management Systems

…and other Proprietary Health Plan systems