Provider Training

Complete the CMS Required Model of Care Training

Do you have a need for CMS SNP model of care training that provides deep specialization targeted to your beneficiaries’ needs? Does your training materials require improvement in order to ensure Provider training compliance? Do you struggle to keep track of which Providers have completed their CMS required model of care training?

PRIME’s Special Needs Plan Model of Care training (SNP MOC training) uses a multi-prong approach to build quality online training material designed to help Providers and Health Plans complete their annual training requirement.

The Need for Special Needs Plan MOC Training

The SNPs are required to follow a set of guidelines for delivering integrated care management programs for patients with special needs. These guidelines promote quality care management policies and procedures as well as operational systems. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates that all contracted medical Providers and their staff must receive basic SNP Model of Care training annually. Learning objectives include describing SNP components and benefits, understanding how Plan members qualify for SNP, explaining SNP care management processes, and more.

Providers are responsible for conducting their own MOC training and must complete multiple trainings for each of their Health Plans. CMS also requires Plans to provide evidence of the availability of MOC training materials given to Providers.

Comprehensive Provider Training For Health Plans

PRIME’s SNP MOC Training process is designed to ensure Providers meet the specialized need of their members. Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Online training that enables Providers to complete specific modules required to deliver quality care.
  • Build competencies that include the ability to log attendance lists and incorporate competencies related to specific job functions. Competency modules include Compliance and Integrity, Cultural Competency, Abuse and Fraud, Confidentiality, and HIPPA.
  • Follow-up with Providers throughout the process using various outreach methods like fax, email, and phone. We also track status and send Providers a completion certificate when the training concludes.

PRIME’s SNP MOC training uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a positive, structured training experience. Conducting and administering your training needs has never been easier.

In addition to converting your existing training materials into a user-friendly, intuitively interactive, and plainly written computer-based training module, our innovative Model of Care training for providers:

  • Is especially and specifically branded to your Health Plan and is accessible via computer, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Takes existing content and turns it into pneumonic teachings tools such as test-your-knowledge exercises and call-out boxes, etc.
  • Provides KPIs including completion rates and non-compliant Providers.
  • Issues weekly reporting metrics that include training completed, weekly mail requests, and unresponsive Providers.

Model of Care training for SNPs is a vital quality improvement tool that ensures the unique health care needs of each SNP member are identified, met, and measured.

If you want a CMS required Model of Care training process that’s user-friendly and compliance driven, contact us today.