PRIME selected by Plan to continue to assist with provider directory fulfillment and further improving their provider data quality and accessibility

PRIME is pleased to announce a multi-year renewal of its contract for provider directory fulfillment services, and an expansion of its contract for provider data accuracy and validation services with a New York-based leading provider of primary care, specialty care, and wellness solutions to millions of people in the tri-state area.

Bob Branchini, CTO of PRIME, explains, “This renewal enables PRIME to continue to support the Plan with provider directory fulfillment, while the expansion, incorporating their subsidiaries and multiple annual cycles, provides continued Provider Data Validation support. This helps the Plan ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, including the No Surprises Act.” PRIME’s comprehensive¬†platform¬†is tailored to meet the needs of their unique provider directory and diverse provider network, including up-to-date provider demographic and network data facilitated by PRIME.

Solutions for Providers

About the New York Health Plan

One of the nation’s largest non-profit health insurers, the Plan, has an 80-year legacy of serving 3.1 million members through the greater New York tri-state area. The Plan offers a full range of commercial and government-sponsored health plans to individuals, families, and employers, as well as other healthcare-related community resources.


PRIME offers innovative healthcare solutions that help health plans improve interoperability with health systems and healthcare providers. PRIME provides a combination of technological innovation, including AI and ML, along with highly trained staff to conduct direct provider outreach resulting in verified provider data with the completeness, timeliness, and quality that enables health plans to achieve their compliance, accuracy, and member experience goals.