Back Office Support Services

Augment Your Health Plan Call Center Capacity

Utilize PRIME’s back-office support services to meet your call center demands. We enable Health Plans to:

  • Augment existing resources
  • Scale staff support in anticipation of increased inbound and outbound call demand and handling
  • Support peak call periods, i.e. annual renewals and recontracting
  • Affect call center key performance indicators (KPIs), i.e. average speed of answer (ASA) and abandonment rate
Back Office Support Services

Customized Call Services

PRIME’s call center handles calls and ensures that constituents’ inquiries are resolved. Our call agents specialize in Health Plan member and provider communications. Our services include:

  • Inbound and outbound call agents providing 24/7 support
  • Dedicated 800-number
  • Custom IVR, call treatments, and agent scripts
  • Call-back scheduling
  • Voicemail and chat handling
  • Daily or real-time file and activity updates, including escalations
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Standard call center KPIs and SLAs
To learn how PRIME’s back-office support services can improve your customer experience and productivity, contact us today.